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My most successful link bait idea

It takes years to become really good at SEO. Coming up with great link bait ideas is not easy. I have filled many whiteboards brainstorming great campaigns and the one that really pulled like a train was the one where I launched a poetry competition for a finance site.

Finances sites are tough to build link for so you need to think outside the box. An area touched on in this post about how bloggers can build links. Here’s the details of a campaign idea that worked well for me:

  • I used was to organize a poetry competition around a keyword theme, which in this case was ‘debt’
  • I publicized the competition on all the major poetry websites – some of which had huge PageRank
  • I told interested creative writing and debt / finance bloggers about the competition as well
  • This generated nearly 1,000 entrants
  • We chose the winner and created am e-book of the top 100
  • We told as many media owners – online / offline, on-topic and off-topic about the results and the download

Then as we had hope, the links followed, they were  keyword relevant and they were from authoritative sites.

Once you get a taste for this stuff, you realize that it beats some of the other less creative and inefficient ways of building links.

Anyone else had big wins in competitive hard to service sectors?

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